Installation service

Our experienced installation team will carry out a quick and technologically correct installation of your floor. It is often the case that some installation requirements regarding certain materials and underlay/baseboard are being ignored so the floor may start losing shape and appearance as soon as the first heating season. ?  The experience obtained by our team over the years and co-operation with manufacturers of flooring materials ensure the use of correct practices and materials, and make certain that your floor remains durable and good-looking throughout the decades to come.

We install all the kinds of floor.  We also offer floor polishing and oil finishing services as well as maintenance oiling for ready floors.

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Oil finishing services

In order to keep its initial appearance for years oiled floor requires regular maintenance. As the wear of floor varies dependant on a house, the oiling necessity and approach shall also be individual. Generally, newly oiled floors need their first maintenance oiling during the first year of exploitation. Further oiling maintenance should be performed upon necessity. If you start noticing visible tracks or the floor texture appears rough, it needs re-oiling. Halls and kitchens require more frequent oiling (preferably once a year), bedrooms and living rooms only need maintenance each 2 or 3 years. With every maintenance the oiling necessity becomes less as timber gets „saturated“ with oil; you need less finishing material and the floor keeps its appearance much longer.

Besides regular oil finishing services we offer oil finishing for new/ready floors and old floor restoration services. For the oiling of your new floors you may choose the most suitable shade from an extensive palette of Osmo oil waxes that we represent inEstonia

. Possible mixing of shades grants even larger choice. Old and worn floors may be restored with floor sanding machines and new oil finishing.

In addition to oil finishing of floors we offer the same services for deck and cladding boards. We only use German Osmo oils, oil waxes and maintenance media based on natural oils and waxes; these products contain low levels of dry matter and minimal volatility levels, and are easy to use. Most of the oils also contain wax, which ensures double protection of the wood.

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