Parquet Old Wood Oak Rustik 165mm NATUR 25 brushed OSMO oilwax

Price: 39.90 € 66.60 €

The Classic grade is a natural- looking grade in which the woods natural grain pattern, color variation and smal individual dark knots are clearly visible. 

One strip mulitilayer parquet
The 1 strip hard wood floor is made of single board, what gives floor authentic view.

Natur 25 with OSMO oilwax
Parquet boards are oilwax in factory with 100% of natural oils (OSMO Color)  what makes this parquet suitable for allergy peoples.

Lock system

Dimension: 14(3,8mm)х165х1800/2000/2200mm
On stock from March 2018
Parkett Old Wood Tamm Rustik 165mm NATUR 25 harjatud, Osmo õlivaha

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